Our Yoga Instructors

Nenad Djurdjevic

Nenad Djurdjevic, a martial artist and yoga practitioner of more than 30 years experience, is the Principal Instructor of Balance Yoga and the Director of the Bayswater Martial Arts and Yoga Centre.

Nenad comes from a long family tradition of yoga practice. His mother studied and taught hatha yoga professionally for many years following the teachings of a number of traditional teachers. Nenad tries to continue that tradition by remaining true in technique, form and philosophical approach; an approach he shares with his sister Natalie and his wife Tania who are also yoga instructors.  

Nenad is registered as a Senior Teacher with Yoga Australia and has degrees in Sport Science and Human Biology as well as a Graduate Diploma of Education and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. (He also has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering!) This theoretical background is capped off by practical experience in yoga, martial arts, fitness training, motorcycling (road, track and off-road) and mountain climbing - all of which have allowed Nenad to explore his physical and mental limits and provide depth to his understanding of the relationship between mind and body.

His personal philosophy is that mind, spirit and body are like the legs of a tripod - without all three legs, it is impossible to be in balance.

Nenad is keenly aware of the need to accommodate students of all abilities, and desires to see yoga practiced safely, authentically and enjoyably. His years of experience, attention to detail and knowledge of exercise science will ensure that new yoga students get off to a good start.

Nenad currently teaches the Tuesday 7.30pm and Thursday 6.00pm beginners' yoga classes.


Tania is a passionate yoga and fitness instructor with a background in traditional Hatha yoga. Her classes epitomize the principles of yin and yang combining strong and dynamic asana with a focus on vinyasa to build strength, fitness and flexibility, while emphasising the yin principle of soft internal breath.

Regularly training interstate and overseas with leading and popular yoga practioners such as Simon Borg Oliver and Duncan Peak, Tania’s classes are always fresh and invigorating. Tania’s takes students along a yoga journey of understanding and acceptance as they apply dedication and discipline and realise their own potential in mind and body.

Classes are catered for students of all levels of experience.  Variations of more challenging poses are offered ensuring that students irrespective of ability will enjoy and benefit from the practice.

Tania's other interests are fitness pursuits, motorcycling, photography and outdoor adventure.

Tania is currently taking a break from teaching yoga to concentrate her energies on training and playing Grid Iron with the Perth Angels!


Mia's classes are graceful and based on soft flowing movements, directed breathing,  core strength and freeing and moving energy in the body.  After completing a Hatha yoga apprenticeship Mia undertook a further 3 years of study in Dru Yoga and more recently also qualified as a Yin Yoga teacher.

Mia works on body, mind and spirit— building a heightened feeling of positivity, and deeply relaxing and rejuvenating your whole being.

Classes are suitable for all ages and all levels of experience and ability. So if you want to enjoy increased flexibility, improved body and breath awareness, balance and co-ordination, reduced back pain, and to de-stress then Mia's classes are for you.

Mia teaches general yoga classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6.00pm and a Yin Yoga class on Saturday at 4.00pm.


Sue is truly inspirational.  Commencing yoga with a beginners course at the age 49, Sue went from a focus on the physical exercise to a transformational experience as she embraced the spiritual allowing it to change and deepen her practice helping her to overcome her personal battles with panic attacks.

Her practice continues to evolve to this day and her students benefit and grow as they share that experience. Sue has lived a month at an Ashram in India developing self awareness and has attended many overseas yoga retreats with world renowned yoga teachers such as Louisa Sear.  Sue also regularly participates in local weekend workshops and training.

Whilst Sue cross trains in a number of styles particularly Ashtanga, Sue’s teaching style is best described as a vinyasa flow where the asanas are linked together for a feeling of continuality.

In addition to building core-strength and flexibility students will benefit from Sue’s instruction and guidance by developing an awareness of the relationship between the body, the breath and state of mind.

With awareness and love Sue plans to continue her yoga journey well into her senior years, and believes this is possible for any student of yoga. Sue’s motto is with faith in yourself, perseverance and dedication to practise all will be revealed.

Sue’s class on Saturday at 8.00am is suitable for general, intermediate and advanced students.


Gordon started attending classes at our Centre in 2008 and quickly became one of our most enthusiastic members (he often attends classses twice a day - morning and evening!).

Gordon was the first person to sign up for, and later complete, our Balance Yoga Teacher Training programme. He continues to study and improve his knowledge of all things related to yoga and is commited to the journey of self improvement.

His dedication to his art, combined with his friendly and helpful disposition, make him a very popular instructor at our Centre.

Gordon currently teaches the Thursday 6.00am 'early bird' yoga class.


Bec has been practicing yoga for 10 years and developed a dedicated practice 5 years ago.  She was drawn to the physical practice of yoga after nailing a bakasana and then started to realise there was much more to yoga than the asana practice.

In 2014 upon returning to Perth from travels, she joined Bayswater Balance Yoga to further her practice; it was here that Tania planted the seed to be a yoga teacher leading Bec on the path that saw her recently complete a 200 hours teacher training in Thailand.

Bec’s teaching style is a vinyasa flow, to a sweet playlist of tunes. She encourages students to be mindful of their practice, to be the masters of their flow when they step on their mat and most importantly to have a laugh.  

Bec continues to be a student of yoga, increasing her knowledge and challenging herself, mentally, physically and spiritually.  

Bec is currently taking a break from teaching yoga as she adjusts to a new arrival to her family!


Emma was first introduced to yoga over 13 years ago, which she practised for a number of years on a casual basis. When she moved to Australia from her native Ireland 4 years ago, she was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga which she embraced after feeling the benefits both physically and mentally. This led to her recently completing her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Perth followed by a 300 hour Ashtanga training in Goa.

Although Emma's grounding is in Ashtanga Yoga she practices and teaches all styles as she continues on her yoga journey. She is dedicated to learning and increasing her knowledge, and passing this onto her students.

Emma currently teaches the Tuesday 6.00am 'early bird' yoga class and the Sunday 9.30am class.


Paula is a 200 RYT who teaches more contemporary Vinyasa as well as Hatha and Restorative classes.  Paula brings to her teaching previous study and experience as a Fitness Trainer which has provided her with a deep understanding of anatomy, movement and alignment.  It is her aim as a teacher to share her passion for Yoga and to provide a nurturing space for students to develop their practice with good awareness and alignment. 

Paula currently teaches the Tuesday evening 6.00pm and 7.30pm classes and the Friday morning 9.30am class.