Words from our students

I thoroughly enjoy Tania and Sue's classes, I have done yoga at other centres but have always been put off by large class sizes and repetitiveness but your classes are fantastic and are doing wonders for me!
                                                                 Jessie B

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy Tania's classes. Last night I walked out on a yoga high which for me is an ultimate goal.
The instruction I receive from you Tania is such guidance in my own classes that I feel I have learnt more from you than in my years of Astanga training.

Thank you once again and I always always look forward to my Monday class. I hope that when I am 65 you are still my teacher!
                                                                 Sue B

I have so far done three yoga classes at your centre and I think its awesome! Your centre is of high quality with good, helpful people.
                                                                 Cilia S

THANK YOU TO ALL YOUR WONDERFUL STAFF FOR A MOST ENJOYABLE YEAR. Each one has their own style which has always made the class most interesting and enjoyable for me.                                                                   Katina D

Well, another fantastic class, it challenged me and I loved it. Your teaching is great Nen.  I just think its amazing how the universe work sometimes………. I come on a Thursday night after a hard day and think oh please let Tania’s class be a restorative , bingo it is, other days I think oh please let  Tania’s class be a challenge , bingo it is, its like you all read my mind….Put it out there and it comes to you!!!

Last night I came to class as the weather and I don’t see eye to eye( hate the winter it makes my bones ache )  and I have been hogging the couch a bit much and neglecting my practice, I get to yoga, bingo again just the right combination for my body on a cold night. Thank you both as always Have a great rest of the week. Om Shanti.                                                                  Sue B

I am really enjoying the Wednesday beginners course.  Thank you.
                                                                 Tanya R

I thoroughly enjoyed Sue’s class! It was the first time that I’d attempted inverts and you now have another regular and committed yogi.
                                                                 Dale W

Thanks for the great news letter. I really enjoy Mia's yoga class on wed. night.
                                                                 Edit N

First of all would like to say a big thank you for the beginner class I have been attending, it was very enjoyable and challenging.  Plus it has also given me a better understanding of yoga itself. 
                                                                 Quinn A

I was just wondering whether you have started any Friday classes again or if not if you are intending to?  I really love coming and am missing it SO MUCH!!!!.

Every week I have plans to come after work to the evening classes but for one reason or another haven't been able to get there for a few months now.  But I'll keep trying!!

I don't want to go to another yoga centre because I love yours and use to love the classes we did on Friday.  If you need more numbers for a Friday class my sister would like to come (because I rave about it all the time).

Anyway, thanks and I'll look forward to hearing from you.
                                                                  Linda W

Tuesday morning was a treat.  You should have been there to see the dawn breaking! There was no rain and it was not too cold One would have to say the morning was perfect! Great way to start ones day.   Thank you.  
                                                                  Katina D

Sue is a great yoga teacher.  I love how she talks spirituality through real life as we move through yoga poses.  I have recommended your centre to a work colleague.  She has seen your
website and was quite impressed.  Hope she joins the yoga classes.
See you soon.
                                                               Cilia S