We will be closed on Monday 27th April for the Anzac day public holiday but will be open for classes as usual on the weekend. (ie. Anzac Day, Sat 25 April and Sunday 26 April.)

Bayswater Martial Arts and Yoga Centre is the home of Balance Yoga, the Academy of Traditional Fighting Arts and the Chen Pan-Ling T’ai Chi Association. It is a full-time, holistic centre offering classes in a wide variety of martial arts, yoga and other health and fitness related activities.

The Centre is staffed by highly qualified, specialist instructors who are friendly and dedicated to their disciplines.

The proprietor of the Centre is Nenad Djurdjevic, who is also the Founder and Principal of the Academy of Traditional Fighting Arts. Nenad is dedicated both to improving his own knowledge and to providing tuition of the highest quality in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Nenad is not only a martial arts and yoga instructor with decades of experience, but he also holds Bachelor degrees in Engineering and Sport Science and also a Graduate Diploma of Education, a formal teaching qualification. These qualifications enable him to integrate modern scientific knowledge into all of the classes and disciplines at the Centre and equip him with the theoretical and practical tools to impart that knowledge to the students and instructors of the Centre.

Nenad believes that knowledge is power and thus guides, prompts and challenges his students to take charge of their own learning to maximise the benefits of their practise on their health and wellbeing.